The Fascinating Meaning Behind Different Diamond Shapes

When it comes to selecting a diamond, most people focus on the four Cs – carat, cut, clarity, and color. However, do you know that the shape of a diamond also plays a significant role in its meaning and symbolism? Here are some unique diamond shapes and their meanings.

Round Cut: The Classic Shape

Round-shaped diamonds are the most popular and classic of all diamond shapes. These diamonds are cut with 58 facets to maximize their brilliance and fire, making them the most sparkly of all diamonds. The round shape represents eternity and wholeness, making it a popular choice for engagement rings.

Princess Cut: The Modern Classic

The princess cut is a relatively new diamond shape that was created in the 1980s. It is square or rectangular in shape with pointed corners. The princess cut is a modern classic and represents femininity, strength, and modernity. It’s an excellent choice for women who want something unique, but also timeless.

Emerald Cut: The Vintage Charm

Emerald-cut diamonds have long lines and step cuts, which create a unique, vintage look. The emerald cut represents sophistication, elegance, and old-world charm. These diamonds are often seen on vintage rings and are great for people who want a classic and timeless look.

Pear Cut: The Tear-Drop Shape

The pear-shaped diamond is a beautiful and unique teardrop shape that has a rounded end and a pointed end. This diamond shape represents individuality, creativity, and adventure. Pear-shaped diamonds are popular for engagement rings, pendants, and earrings.

Oval Cut: The Elegant Shape

Oval-shaped diamonds are similar to round diamonds, but they have a more elongated shape. These diamonds have a similar brilliance and sparkle to round diamonds but with a more elegant and elongated look. The oval shape represents harmony, balance, and symmetry.

Marquise Cut: The Regal Shape

Marquise-shaped diamonds are narrow and pointed at both ends, resembling a football shape. These diamonds symbolize royalty, power, and elegance. They are popular for engagement rings and are a great choice for people who want a unique and regal look.

The shape of a diamond adds meaning and symbolism to the already significant diamond. Selecting a diamond shape that aligns with your values, personality, and style will make your diamond even more special and unique.